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One Earth Onesie

One Earth brings the finest of ethical, fair trade, organic cotton in a range of beautiful apparel for your little ones. Babies love snuggling in our super soft 100% organic cotton clothing made with Azo free dyes. Organic cotton gets softer with every wash and the classic gender neutral designs make it timeless and elegant.

When you wrap your little one in One Earth organic cotton, you are protecting your baby’s delicate skin from exposure to harmful pesticides, and taking the first step towards a more sustainable environment for your baby to grow up in.

The colours we chose for our line of onesies and t-shirts are in line with the aesthetics of nature; Every colour relating to the inspiration for its creation.


Inspired by the serene greens of the lazy ocean that invite you in for a splash of fun.

Product Description

One Earth Onesies are thoughtfully made with the softest organic cotton, which keep your little one comfortable all day long as they explore the world around them. The shoulder flap design makes dressing and undressing easy as pie! They also have snaps at the bottom for fuss-free diaper changes.

One Earth organic cotton is Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified, fair trade, and ethically sourced. The dyes used to make them beautiful are 100% Azo-free, making it safe for your baby’s skin.

One Earth Onesie Size Chart




0-3 months

21 cm

34.5 cm

3-6 months

25 cm

35 cm

6-9 months

26 cm

36.5 cm

9-12 months

27 cm

39.5 cm

One Earth Wash Care

When washing the remnants of what was a very productive day for your bundle of joy, use a mild detergent, for your baby’s skin will thank you for the TLC.

When washing in a machine, do so on a gentle cycle with warm water.

Our 100% Organic cotton clothing is made beautiful with Azo Free dyes, so please DO NOT use bleach on them.

Wash our beauties at home, DO NOT send them to the drycleaners.

Always line dry in the shade, away from direct sunlight. They also come out warm and fuzzy if tumble dried on low.

To straighten out their little crinkles, iron them out on medium heat.