Goldfinch: Linen Ring Sling

  • Rs. 1,960.00

This gentle yellow linen brings a touch of charm to your day.

  • Size: 25.5 inches wide and 82 inches long
  • Colour: Yellow
  • Fibre: 100% linen (both layers)
  • Weight recommended: up to 15 kg (33 lb)


  • Size 1: 63 inches (160 cm)
  • Size 2: 73 inches (185 cm)
  • Size 3: 83 inches (211 cm)
  • Size 4: 93 inches (236 cm)

Important note: Please allow us up to 48 hours extra for order fulfillment of sizes 1, 2 & 4 since such carriers will only be cut after your order is placed. If we cannot fulfil your order for any reason, Soul will contact you via email and refund your money with no further cost to you. Thank you for your patience and support!

Soul ring slings are comfortable, fashionable and affordable baby carriers from India. Their generous length and simple gathered shoulder ensure that one size fits all. In fact, one sling can be used to wear your baby from birth onwards till 15 kg or so! Simple to use, compact enough to fit in your handbag and easy to maintain, Soul slings are designed, developed and professionally made in India from 100% natural fibres.

Our signature linens are known for their natural anti-bacterial quality. They wick moisture away from your baby and are ideal carriers for hot and humid climates. They make soft and stylish ring slings, with a slight lustre for special occasions.˜The double colour combination also make them a delight to reverse and wear! These easy-breezy airy carriers are out to bust any myths you've heard about linen. Soft and smooth from the start, each layer of linen fabric is a lightweight 146 GSM only. Doubled, they form a wonderfully soft and supportive sling, ideal for infants and toddlers alike.

Soul ring slings are ethically and professionally handmade by Soul in Bangalore, India.
* Your Soul jacquard ring sling comes pre-washed. You could wash it once if you wish. Wash it separately for the first few washes as the colour might bleed a little.

* Soul fabrics may show colour variations, loose threads, tiny slubs, snags or unevenness that are characteristic of natural fibre textiles. These variations should in no way be considered flaws or defects as they do not affect the functionality of the carrier. It is the nature of the fabric and, these imperfections highlight its natural beauty and uniqueness.

* All images in this website are for representation purposes only. Please be aware that the final product in hand may have slight variations in colour and texture when compared to the product photo(s) in this listing.